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About Us

Valtrans Transportation Systems and Services has been meeting the need for innovative and efficient transportation services solutions since 2003. We are the first company in the Gulf region to integrate network transportation solutions with hospitality.

Through a combination of clear-cut approaches and sophisticated technology, we deliver exceptional services to our clients, putting customer service at the forefront of everything we do, which sets us apart from our competitors, enabling the rapid growth of our company.

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Our Services

We provide the preferred transportation systems, solutions, and services in the Gulf, serving more than 15 million customers per year, to the highest customer service standards.

We carefully developed our services using the right elements and specifications to ensure the highest quality standards and excellent customer experience.

Our services include but not limited to the following:

Our Clients

Our multiple business lines, projects, loyal customers, and partners have allowed us to develop a stable and reliable business. Our clients include ninety luxury hotels, four international airports and eighteen famous malls.

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We choose our people not just on their abilities but also with their strong work ethic and commitment to success. We know that they are extraordinary individuals and we support their endeavours to become the very best they can be, whether on their job or their role in their homes and in the society.

If you are an achiever and have boundless visions, then Valtrans wants you to join our dynamic, skilful and dedicated team!

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Emirates Business Rating Scheme
Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award
The bizz award
Mohammed Bin Rashid award
QRS - ISO Certified

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