Valet Parking Services

Valet parking ticket to customer

We are a world pioneer in valet parking services, offering a safe, seamless experience to our diverse clientele. Our guests can expect the same five-star service, whether they are visiting a luxury hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, international airport, or shopping mall.

Our valet service is a great addition to any business, providing the best first impression and last contact for customers visiting your premises. We make it our mission to adjust, redesign and raise the bar of our services to keep up with trends while maintaining cost-effective structures.

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We believe in continuous learning, with a training programs focused on quality, safety and customer care. Our methodologies and training approaches are intended to maintain the best service levels and to prevent workplace accidents.

All of our certified valet attendants (CVAs) undergo training to attain government-issued certifications for the valet industry, to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.


With our wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry, the name Valtrans automatically equates to the finest valet parking services provider.

We operate using the most competent team and sophisticated technology, making convenience, innovation, safety and sustainability our top priorities. Our goals are to provide the best and most efficient valet parking services while continually finding ways to raise standards in the valet parking industry.

Critical occurrence response management (CORM) team

Our dedicated critical occurrence response management (CORM) team is available 24/7 in the event of a crisis. The team offers support, management and investigatory assistance in the event of a mishap. We also offer bus transportation in the event of evacuation requirements, available for immediate response.

Effective and efficient valet parking management system (VPMS)

We are the first in the Gulf region to offer an efficient system that combines network transportation solutions with the best hospitality practices, using state-of-the-art software. Through our valet parking management system (VPMS), we can provide seamless valet parking operations to maximise efficiency, security, and satisfaction.

We have also our own mobile app (Valtrans Valet) for those who are always on the go. Valtrans mobile app (Valtrans Valet) is an easy and secure way to reserve valet parking space, request for vehicle retrieval and get up-to-date information about Valtrans valet and promotions. It allows you to plan a hassle-free experience even before you go to your destination to shop, dine, run errands or have fun.

Valtrans Valet

Green Valet Parking Management System

The world's first paperless valet parking solution

Integrated with Valtrans valet parking management system (VPMS)

Reduces carbon footprint by 95%

Safe and secure

We developed and integrated Green Valet Parking Management System from our existing valet parking management System (VPMS), replacing paper tickets with reusable parking tokens, saving 65 % on costs.

Paperless Valet Parking System

Green Valet Parking Management System is the first of its kind in the world, and part of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. The technology used is radio frequency identification (RFID) and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), for a secure and seamless valet operation that also reduces our carbon footprint by 95%, saving around 440 trees per year.

The technology was created by our creative engineers and IT department, who came up with a revolutionary parking system that has caring for the environment at its heart.

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