VALTRANS Valet Parking at Global Village

By: Admin | Posted on: 2022-10-25

VALTRANS is back at Global Village, bringing a remarkable valet parking service.

Last October 25, 2022, Global Village Season 27 officially opened, where VALTRANS is back to offer outstanding valet parking services.

It also launched VALTRANS Valet Parking powered by PARKONIC's intelligent parking solution - a collaboration of services that offers hassle-free and convenient parking payment. Guests can download PARKONIC App to enjoy a hassle-free, ticketless, and convenient parking journey. PARKONIC App is free to download and easy to use. The process is simple; create an account, register the vehicle license plate, and top up the PARKONIC Wallet. At the PARKONIC location exit, PARKONIC System automatically deducts the parking charges against the PARKONIC Wallet.

Aside from that, we also pioneered the first and only Red Carpet VIP Valet Parking Service in the United Arab Emirates. It started with the vision of bringing valet parking services into the world of a luxurious experience. We welcome VIP Guests with an elegant red-carpeted valet parking area with a cozy waiting lounge. A hostess is present to serve guests Arabic Coffee, water, or sweet dates.

VALTRANS truly commits to providing excellent service and exceeding customer satisfaction. We will continuously create services that will make your parking journey hassle-free.