VALTRANS Red Carpet, a VIP Valet Service

By: Admin | Posted on: 2022-11-10

Last October 2022, VALTRANS launched the first and only Red Carpet VIP Valet Parking Service in the United Arab Emirates. A vision of bringing valet parking services into the world of a luxurious experience.

The first location of Red Carpet is at Global Village near the entrance for quick entry and exit access. Our VIP Guests can experience an elegant red-carpeted valet parking area with a cozy waiting lounge. A hostess is present to serve guests Arabic Coffee, water, or sweet dates.

The Red Carpet is not just a valet parking service. It is top-notch hospitality and service meant for an elite lifestyle.

Red Carpet at Global Village is just the beginning. Follow us on our Instagram Account at @valtrans_red_carpet, and our Facebook Account at @valtransreedcarpet, as we unfold the upcoming locations where Red Carpet will be present.